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A collection of sadness: Poetry By Charis.Clarissa

Random Comment: I wish I could just sell my heart on eBay because this love thing isn't for me. I don't need a boyfriend,I need money and time to spend alone.

Alone again

With no one

there is comfort in the silence

because my world is empty

I am left to play with my creativity

I am trapped in a tower

locked away in a cell

happily dreaming inside a wishing well

because the world isn't kind to

people like


We are left alone

with no one to confined in

But when it's time for me

to climb out of the well

that I reside

I drain my body of all the things

that make me


Sad always trapped

Alone again

my arms break

legs snap

Locked in a box


You hurt me

So I want to hurt you

I hope what I did hurt you


You hurt me

You were never really that kind to me

I will not analyse bread crumbs

You told the whole world

about you and her

so don't look at me

I don't want you near me

because you hurt me

But thanks for holding the red flag

I will charge away from you instead

But you hurt me

So I hope

I hurt you



Cupid's arrow nearly got me killed

It seems

like I was the only one who was hit


They say that pain is


But what if my feelings

are terminal

What is the ache remains

A few more hits

and my heart won't just split in half

It will be fractured




When the moon is out in full

All the stars remind me of you

I gloat to myself

that my poems have nothing to do with you

But here I am staring

at the blanket of silver that stains

the night sky

My mind

Stuck on



You two are twins

Neither ambitious

No road for the future

A long empty

desert of sand

But I see

It is how it has to be

I can't believe I was crying over

someone like you

Someone so basic

So bland

So dehydrated

You two can be basic


Twins are inseparable

By nature


Old dreams

The thought of you

relaxes me

I can't help but imagine

sleeping against your chest

nuzzling my nose in your neck

embracing your scent

The heat of your body next to mine

I don't want these feelings

I guess I'll have to block you again

Playlist for the collection of sadness.

  1. Alone again The Weeknd

  2. The very thought of you Nat king Cole

  3. Lovely Billie Eilish + Khalid

  4. Continuum Tanerelle

  5. Final lullaby - The Weeknd

All poems were written by Charis.Clarissa

To find more of her work you can follow her on instagram.

She is now slowly but surely sharing snippets of her unpublished debut book 'AMBER &ICE'


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Disclaimer: With this poem I took on a character, not all my poems are a reflection of myself. This character in my poem is rather obsessive, I love writing poems that are like short stories. Anyways,

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