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Attention- Charis.Clarissa

I am the alpha the omega

The light that cast across a dark sky

It’s not egotistical it’s honesty

It’s honestly hypocrisy to ever think you could level up to me

You see

You are the flower that needs the sun to shine

To be able to grow

You need the praise and compliments from a thousand guys and girls alive

But I only need me and mine

In my eyes, I see only those who are worthy

You can keep your looks and glares

I don’t need them because

I don’t care

What do you want?

Maybe something worth a lot

It’s a shame you see the value of expensive items

But you see yourself worth a penny

It’s a shame

But I don’t care

Because I am

The alpha the omega

The gift you can never buy

The dream that will never be yours

Because I am


By Consciousthoughts

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