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The man in the bed Part 2

How can I love you? I struggle to look at you

Look at all the nothing you do

You say you love me

You care about this family

But all I see are crumbs

Crumbs that someone else always has to clean up

There are hidden places

Bruises that never fade away

I have to nurse them

I am too afraid to open up the wounds that have been


Becoming contaminated

Rotting and moulding eating away at the youth left in my skin

I have little patience

And I cannot accept your 'actions' which you label as 'love'

Your love is not enough

Like a tumour, you exist

getting worse

as the months and years go by

My image of you has eroded

Dust weighing my palm down

I cannot digest

Nod and smile

Because once I do that

I'll begin to

Become complacent

At the end of the day

You're just the man in the bed.

By Charis.

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Disclaimer: With this poem I took on a character, not all my poems are a reflection of myself. This character in my poem is rather obsessive, I love writing poems that are like short stories. Anyways,

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