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The beginning

Welcome to the Craferverse. Every great story has to start from somewhere. Mine starts from the beginning.

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Malcolm Adwell, the king of Balïnmore is searching for a solution.
A source to fulfil his need for power, a legacy that will outstretch beyond centuries and withstand the test of time.
But by doing so he falls to a magical alliance. A deadly dangerous deal that threatens to disrupt and destroy the natural order of the universe.
Jaheim and Nalani have been friends since the time they could barely walk.
One night their town undergoes a raid that brings to light the deception of the world.
A king and old friends. Lives weaved together under corruption, hatred and deceit a simple longing for home and glory.
This leaves one question.
Is one meant to rule with compassion and warmth or to lead with ice?
By Charis Clarissa. CE

Building the world of Amber & Ice was slow. It was a beautiful process.
This POST will be brief a simple introduction.
The genre that I am writing in is a multiplicity of many elements.
One thing is for certain this book is NOT for children. Honestly, it’s for anyone who is open-minded willing to pull pieces of this world (the one we live in) into a fictional one. When Amber & Ice is published I plan on producing it into a tv show, my story deserves and needs to be presented in different mediums.

The story includes an array of diverse characters. Jaheim and Nalani my main characters are at the forefront of my ideological positioning.
The best thing about my book is that it doesn’t make things easy.
Not for the reader, nor for anyone.
Each chapter gets more and more intense in subtle ways and big ways.
There will be moments when you read my words and think “is this what she’s really trying to say”.
No matter how dark, bitter and morbid it is.
It is 9 times out of 10 exactly what I’m saying.

Society and media have progressed, developed with new attitudes and mindsets. But honestly how different are people? How different are things from the past?
Amber & Ice challenge these aspects of society that stuff that people hate talking about.

It’s not just about justice. It’s about love, raw emotion portrayed through my OWN personal experiences and the stories of others that touched me the most.

Brief down.
Genre: New Adult fiction
Characters age range: 19- 40s That includes the main and side characters.
Genre: Low Fantasy, dystopian fiction

If you are willing to open your mind to something new then this is the story for you. If the unheard-of scares you, makes your nose scrunch in disgust then say goodnight to Amber & Ice.
The doors will be open if you want to change your mind.
Welcome to this world. My world.
Most importantly welcome to my mind you’re in for quite a ride.
Charis Clarissa. CE

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