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Building a character: Physical description (part 1)

'Hello there writer or ordinary person'

I’ll be focusing on physical description and how a character's outward appearance impacts or hints to your reader what their personality is like.

I will be using a diverse range of people to inspire you writers out there who want to create intriguing characters! P.s I will even add names that I personally think suit the person best to hopefully help you out!

Character reference 1

What is the first thing that comes to mind?

Names that I think would suit this character

Abigail - Cause of joy

Poppy- The milk of happiness

Blossom- Flower, bloom

Della - Noble

I’ll go with the name ‘Della’ for this example

Della is a drama student.

Juggling shifts at her local coffee shop, while dealing with the pressures of trying to fulfil her dream as a stage director.

Other factors to weigh in...

Genre- This weigh's into how the character responds to their surroundings and deals with dilemmas. For example, in a Contemporary novel would the character be fighting off a dragon in the middle of a school play? Unless it's paranormal. Highly unlikely.

Age- I often read many books where the author says that the character is age 17-18 yet their internal monologue is rather childish and immature. Of course this is understandable if the character has be written as coddled and sheltered but sometimes it can be a bit too much. This affects character design.

My description of the character

Della was tall and thin, with a strange fringe that didn't hide her dark brows, her beauty very simple yet refined. Her hair a faded ginger brown, cut just above her nimble jaw highlighting her thin pink lips.

Character reference 2

Names that I think would suit this character.

Dionne - Of Zeus

Coco- Sort of obvious

Fayette- Little fairy

Anaïs- Grace

Noa - Movement

Other factors to weigh in...

Does your character fit in with traditional gender identification?

My description of the character

Noa had gleaming brown skin, glowing from within. Their hair dyed a vibrant orange, long straight sideburns,the tips the colour of burning flames.

I must admit when seeing this picture I thought of someone as influential, full of self acceptance and empowerment and a bit of a rebel.

Character reference 3

For starters this picture is beautiful. The make up, the pose. I am just speechless... almost.

Names that I think would suit this character.

Felipe - Friends of horses

Advik- Unique

Hugo - Mind

Theodor- Gods Gift

Factors to weigh in...


Wealth/ Social status ( what they wear etc. Do they disguise their financial situation whether good or bad by dressing in a particular way)

My description of the character

Felipe moved like a fairy. Slowly descending from the sky- well the ceiling. The invisible cords wrapped around his waist. White wings elegantly attached to his back. His skin painted alabaster, nose and cheeks painted pastel pink...

Names I think that would suit this character

Arsenio- Strong

Emir- King or commander.

Dalmar- Versatility

Hodari- Powerful

My description of the character

Hodari was an apprehensive mix of bulk and lean. His hair neatly twisted into micro locs, always swept to one side and a thin silver bracelet illuminated on his deep cocoa skin.


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All sources have been credited ✅

Written by C ( Conscious thoughts)

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