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Roe V. Wade overturned: America walking backwards.

America is walking backwards.

This has been very clear from when Trump was elected as president in 2016. Ever since then America has been taking multiple steps into the deepest darkest depths of hell and it's only going to get WORSE.

I am not American but anyone can see the domino effect that this will have on pre-existing human rights.

Same sex marriage being the one that is on Clarence Thomas radar.

Republican right wing court members regard Row V. Wade as being mistake. A mistake? Women having choice and control over OUR BODIES is not a mistake. That decision has now been put in place of MEN and one right wing woman, it's an abosulte disgusting sham and disgrace to humanity as a whole.

Many states, southern red states have already put laws in place to prevent women from having an abortion, regardless of incest and Rape. Insanity at it's highest point and if you're reading this and thinking.

"it's not that deep. It's not that important"

Then I recommend you find a course that allows you to reproduce and develop empathy.

Judges who voted against Roe V wade

Brett Kavanaugh - Appointed by Trump and accused of Sexual misconduct. Link here :
Clarence Thomas.
Neil Gorsuch.
Amy Comes Barrett - Appointed during Trumps presidency.
Samuel Alito.

What can we conclude from this decision?

America's system is flawed and outdated. Having a system where only two parties can make decisions on over 332,403,650 (estimated population 2022) people is reductive and has only caused more conflict not just now but for many years to come.

The justices of the Supreme Court make decisions not in favour of wider society but for their own self interest. When overturning Roe V. Wade it brings into question how other laws will be impacted and changed in benefit for these justices own outdated ideological beliefs.

It is highly unlikely that Clarence Thomas would vote to overturn interracial marriage, due to his current marital status.

I am not by any means indicating that interracial marriage should be banned that would be as archaic as the overturning of Roe V. Wade.

Rather hypocritical isn't it?

It baffles me that these justices lack this much empathy.

Best believe that people of the elite will still be able to have abortions.

Religion is poisonous. (not all)

Religious fundamentalism, these types of religions have only forced patriarchal ideology and limiting roles for women. Taking away our freedom and choice, whoever decided to construct men being in power and women being subordinates have poisoned the world and people still willing drink that poison.

Voting matters & Neutral people are dangerous.

Neutral people are dangerous their weak arguments have only lead not just America but many countries to their downfall and have given the wrong people power.

"Both sides are just as bad"

Now look.

Not making a decision is making a decision not to make a decision.

The left need to play dirty.

By this I means that left wing parties need to stop playing nice. Not to stoop down to the same level of the right but to have a strong and powerful voice. It's pathetic how the left in the Uk and in America do not have a face of their own, we need strength, we need strong voices. As a young person, I know that other left leaning young people are losing hope in the left because of the lack of a voice.

That's all I have to say.

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