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The British Empire

The hidden truth to Britain's bloody history...

The story of how the United Kingdom (just like the United States of America) is not very united at all or very dignified.

Britain being great is well you know far from being great. Some may be getting their fingers at the ready ‘how dare thee offend thine country and nation’ and to that I say firstly every country has its flaws even the ones that we were told to love and never criticise.

Secondly, why would you base your whole identity on a country whether you were born in it or not? Come on now. You should have better character development.

One of the many things I notice is how many (not all) of the British public

Place themselves as a civilised bunch of world renowned inventors who had every right to go to other countries and pillage and rape them of their natural resources.

Those who suffered were just unlucky and should be grateful for the British for coming to 'develop' and to create a 'civilised society' for countries who did not want or need them.

Another thing that I notice is the entitlement.

Which is given as a response to when people mention racism in the UK

The coping mechanism's are :

“the immigrants coming in and taking our Jobs”
“We need freedom day (ie Brexit)’
“Racism is only in America not the Uk”

None of these comments are made or imagined in my head.

These are real things that predominantly British people have either commented online and have said themselves. It’s funny how many British people believe that racism only exists in the US and not the very land they live on and I live in for now at least.

It is clear from history books and Britains heavy influence in the Atlantic slave trade are not just known for their technological inventions but for their invention of Racism. In the 16th Century Britain had begun to establish overseas colonies. By 1783 Britain had developed a large empire with colonies in America and the West Indies.

This is key information.

We all see the violence and police brutality in America but we must look back and connect the dots from where racist ideology came from. Some (many) people will say that you can be racist to people who are white but forget who the founding fathers were of the whole ideology of white vs black.

But more accurately White vs Colour . Let that sink in and if you’re smart enough you will understand what I’m trying to say…

A third thing that I notice that contributes to why many British people remain delusional is the unwillingness to acknowledge their dark past and the contained racism in the country that has the audacity to call themselves ‘great’.

America’s racism is a bowl full of tension, it's rampant and due to the media it seems to be happening all the time and is heavily ingrained in the justice system and how ethnic minorities are handled compared to their other white counterparts.

To conclude this article I will repeat to you what many (not all) right leaning British people

have said in response to the mention of racism ie the BLM movement. 'We cannot move forward if we do not have our history'

This is all good and well if you know that the past affects the present.

By- Consciousthoughts


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