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Things we need to normalise

Things we need to normalise

- it’s fine to not look or act perfect.

I feel as if this is a common one that isn’t new or groundbreaking but that’s okay.

Although details in our physical appearance and day to day life do count to a degree. We must lift this weight off our shoulders because the truth is no one really cares. So what if your eyeliner is slightly wonky? Are you going to make yourself feel bad about it the whole day? Besides the people who point out these details are the people who need to hear and learn this advice. Instead of harassing others for not being ‘perfect’ whatever ‘perfect’ is supposed to mean.

- I’ve said this before in my previous post ‘important things you need to remember’. That not everyone’s parents are supportive or good for that matter. As society as a whole we tell children to worship our parents for ‘raising us’ and bringing us into this world.

Yes, for many people their parents have supported them not just once or twice but consistently in their life. For some of us it’s the other way round. Normalising the fact that parents are not perfect would help people who have grown up in either physically or mentally abusive households.

The whole idea of paying homage to your parents even if they abused you is an old and oppressive way of thinking. It’s exhausting.

- Normalise not knowing what you want in your future .

This is coming from someone who has always known what they’ve wanted in their life/ what they’ve wanted to achieve. But sometimes trying to force this pretence if knowing everything will end up making you lose your individuality. At the end of the day it depends on who you are as a person. Yes it’s fine now to know what you want but it’s important to take that first step towards your future instead of dragging it out.

- Doing nothing.

Yes, let’s normalise that too please. Productivity is key, pacing yourself instead of doing a massive chunk of work is key. But sometimes it’s good to take a couple hours/days off and do nothing productive. As long as you don’t fall down the black hole of laziness you should be okay.

- Lastly, normalise not listening to people.

Yes, constructive criticism can be valid and helpful but people will walk around and act like they know you and your capabilities. Don’t let other people's lack of encouragement get in the way of your heart and mind. It’s your life, your soul purpose, people will see your shine and try to squash it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a friend or parent, your voice must be the loudest. Link to explain in more detail :


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