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About Me ! (introduction)

Conscious- Aware of and responding to one’s surroundings.

Hello and Welcome to my space.

I’m new to this blogging community. But writing comes is as natural to me as as raising a glass of water to my lips and taking a long graceful sip.


Whether it is exposing the hidden parts of society. Condemning those who benefit off of the backs of marginalised people. Or writing poetry that doesn’t just come from my soul but my surroundings.

Most importantly I am writing a book called ‘Amber & Ice’ which is a trilogy.

I can’t wait to share my world with all of you!

This blog will include

Writing advice which centres around.

• Character development

• Forming connection with reader and character

• Diversity in characters

• inspiration/character prompts

• short stories + fanfics written by me!

Social debates and poetry.

All in conscious thoughts.


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