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Bored:The illness called boredom

the state of being bored; the feeling of being wearied by dullness, tedious repetition, etc.

Boredom is something that we have all experienced in our lives either for long periods of time or just brief moments during the day. I can safely say that I am bored myself.

I have many hobbies, many interests, many things I could be doing. But the truth is I want more. Majority of people on this planet live very normal, simple conventional lives others live disturbing ones, brutal ones the list goes on and on. But I am going to be very honest with you. After facing and overcoming my depression I realised how unmotivated people are.

Not all people of course. But most. Whenever I say the word passion people look at me as if they haven't heard that word before. Like for christ sakes please give me something to work with.

I want to travel, to explore, I've found myself and now I want to find more. I want to go on winter walks, look through markets try new foods. I am sick of the constant complaining of others I want people to stop being so ungrateful and enjoy what's right in front of them.

Maybe I am slightly a hypocrite. I am complaining about people complaining.

Stop relaying on others to bring you happiness

It's true. You can't wait for others to be the bright shining torch in your life, you have to be that for yourself. That's why I am daring all people who are feeling bored to take themselves out. To do the activity that you've always wanted to do but no one else wants to do it with you.

Boredom is an illness so step out of it before you get too sick.

Post written by Charis.Clarissa Photo taken by Charis

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