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Flat 66: Poem

Disclaimer: With this poem I took on a character, not all my poems are a reflection of myself.

This character in my poem is rather obsessive, I love writing poems that are like short stories. Anyways,enjoy and don't forget to feel creeped out.

Flat 66

I saw you walk out your room

Flat 66

The corridor large

My confidence too small to say hello

We live in the same building

Yet two different lives

I stick to the walls like a misplaced sticker

Like a spider crawling and creeping

But when someone sees me they screech

Flat 66 that number imprinted on my brain

I can’t stop thinking of your starry gaze

And golden cuffs

I imagine tracing my finger across the metal

And then your skin

Flat 66 that’s when I see you invite someone else up the stairs

Our stairs

Into our home

How could you?

I ask myself

I know everything about you

Where you work at the office

With all those clients

I know how you like your coffee

Dark but not pitch black

I know how long it takes you to get ready

I count the minutes

Tick tick tick


How could you invite her into our room

The king sized bed

Curtains pulled apart for the world to see Us

Not you and her

But me and you

The perfect kitchen where we bake

How could you choose her?

When I’m right here outside your- our door

At flat 66

When you see me

You look shocked

Who is this girl?

I ask myself the same question

I grip onto the mop in my right hand

In my left I hold the duster

“Good moring I hope you don’t mind the mess”

You chuckle lightly

And I smile painfully

I enter your room our shoulder barley brushing

But you say nothing

Because after all

I am nothing but a maid


Flat 66

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