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To be blind - Poem By Charis.Clarissa.CE

Blind child

Blind child

I wish I were a blind child

Blind to the world

Ignorance is bliss

I wish I never knew the hardships of the world

To be a listener of all the horrors

While the children ran outside to play

Blind child blind child

Would it have been easier then?

To rip out my eyes

And swap them with someone else’s

A new view

A paradise

The damage and war

The rape and pillage

The dangers

Only a chime from a distant bell.

Blind child

Blind child

It’s far too late

My ears have listened

I have seen too much

It has made me who I am

And that is more than enough.


A thought provoking poem potraying metaphorically how growing up fast and becoming too aware of the outside world has it's faults.

Of course this is metaphorical. I feel a bit meh about this poem it's not how I feel all the time and I show that towards the end of the poem.

Written by me Charis.Clarissa.CE

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