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Important things to remember

  1. Not everyone has a good relationship with their parents/family

As someone who relates to this (unfortunately) it makes me uncomfortable when people so brazenly throw out how my own family dynamic is ‘weird’ ‘strange’ or pointing out the obvious by subtly regarding it as unhealthy or lacking in some ways’. I believe and understand that family is very important to many people. It's honestly an admirable trait but many students and humans in general may not have been as lucky as you to experience the stereotypical warmth of ‘family’. Be aware that people have a variety of back stories, memories and relationship dynamics. Be aware that your life experience/world view will not always resonate with everyone else. Instead of shaming your fellow peers for choices and scenarios they have no control over. Try and express empathy. If someone is telling you something that sounds out of the ordinary then they are most likely looking for sympathy. Or I don’t know a metaphorical pat on the back?

Stop delaying

This point is very dependent on the situation. But it is also a great time to build up a strong intuition; that feeling that you get in your stomach. When you know that what you’re about to do is right. I feel a lot of people are guilty of this (myself included) where we know something is possible but we talk ourselves out of it.

I’ve met many people who have said ‘they cannot be bothered’ but when they see the rewards and opportunities that are opened up to others. They become very annoyed and aggravated with themselves. This is all in good favour do not become that person I’m not saying that you should throw yourself at every slight opportunity that arises. But when you get that gut feeling why waste your time. Go for it. Do not ‘I can’t be bothered’ your life away.

Build healthy relationships

Relationships do not have to be romantic, they can be friendship based, parental and so on and so forth. All I know is from experience that if you are always left with the feeling of dissatisfaction, disappointment or of your constantly making excuses for the person you are connected to in some way. Set out some time to be yourself and debate whether the connection and bond you have is worth your time or if you simply need some distance from that person.

Allow yourself to feel

What you feel is real. Even if you struggle to describe it to others or even to yourself. It's very important to stop second guessing yourself especially when it comes to how you feel. We live in a world full of gas lighters and manipulators who will twist your reality and make you feel as if you belong in a psychiatric ward. Self belief (in my personal opinion) is what helped me gain clarity within myself.

Learn to let go

Certain things you will need to let go off. People, places, material things like that poor teddy bear that sits on your bedside table which is threadbare and is missing clumps of fur.

Just kidding.

No matter how strange it feels, some things are just meant to be left in a certain time frame. We cannot carry all that we’ve experienced to all parts of our life. Remember the experience, remember the good parts, the sad parts but do not let it take you out of the present moment. You are important and you are here to stay at least for the meantime.

Thank you for reading.

Disclaimer : All points listed shouldn’t dictate or drastically change the course of your life. You are in control of your own decisions. This was written to add a different perspective and insight.

Written by C (creator of conscious thoughts)

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