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Lessons your Zodiac Sign needs to learn

I have been gone for a long time, but this semester at Uni has punched me with a sledgehammer. I am here now and have many articles that I am so excited about writing!

Disclaimer, ( skip to Aries if you don't want to read) there is a lot more to astrology than your sun sign, you have a chart with different placements and that can also have an impact to what parts of this you can relate to or not. This is obvious but your upbringing, environment and cultural background also has an influence on who you are as a person; so it is impossible to relate to all aspects of your sign or maybe the signs in your chart!

I will link some information about astrology at the end of this article. Personally I don't believe in horoscopes, I don't base how good my date or month will be based on that; I haven't got deep into astrology where it's about reading charts etc. It is still very interesting though and no, Zodiac signs have nothing to do with witchcraft.

I wanted to do this article because I find it interesting seeing the patterns between people. Try not to dismiss something that you don't understand, it is 2023 people, stop being so boring! If you see a celebrity next to a sign in this post that is also their astrological sign, a little mini easter egg.

Aries: March 21 to about April 19

Patience is a virtue Sweetheart, among other things.

Sigh, I do like Aries. They can be very genuine people, very fun to be around, passionate and loyal, qualities I like in a person. But Aries do tend to lack patience whether that be for something small like waiting in a line or something with higher importance like job applications. But my real headache with Aries is that they can be very hot-headed, they usually mean well but they can be quick with their words which can scare and hurt people. I would say that they are quick to apologise if you communicate to them that you were offended by what they said, at the end of the day it is dependent on the situation.

I like them because they usually get my sense of humour because it can be random and weird, I also have an Aries mercury (mercury in astrology is all about communication) so I relate to them in terms of communication. As I mentioned earlier, I like how they are passionate, however, sometimes their passion for people and things can make them easily become blindsided and lack critical thinking skills. Aries, you can still be passionate about someone or something but still be able to see them objectively for who and what it is. I promise you it is possible to agree to disagree.

Taurus: April 20-May 20.

Not everyone is out to get you.

Well hello, fellow Taureans. I get it, you don’t trust people, I get it; opening up to people can be scary, I get it that people six years ago broke your trust and now you struggle to see the good in people to this day. But you have to realise that not everyone is evil. Yes, there are definitely questionable people out there but not everyone sucks.

As a Taurean, I usually like other Taureans. They have a great sense of humour, are surprisingly dirty-minded (not to me but to others around), have hobbies that they are passionate about and just have a naturally calming aura. But I notice that they can also be defensive ( not all) but they can be. Taureans have certain triggers that can visibly make us bite. I would describe Taureans as teddy bears holding a metaphorical machete, sweet until pushed otherwise.

Taurus, how are you going to form connections if your walls a built so high up no one can get through? Not saying to overshare but you’ll have to learn to let people in, we can be very suspicious of others, which is understandable but you can’t let that get in the way of building community. Taureans can also experience a lot of self-doubt, a Taureans will only reach their potential if they stop being so hard on themselves and make constant steps to walk away from their doubtful thoughts. Unlike other signs, Taureans don’t project their pessimism they internalise it, which is very unhealthy. Taureans are my favourite out-of-the-earth signs as they are the most affectionate and passionate ones as long as you can make a Taurean feel safe, then they will open up to you… eventually. They are the type of people you would want to marry, they aren’t stingy with compliments too!

We can be professional procrastinators though, lazy at times but when we’re working we are working hard. Still, so much love for them, if you’re a terrible Taurean, forget what I said.

Gemini: May 21- June 21

Learn how to be decisive.

Libra’s usually get the flak for being indecisive but Gemini’s take it to another level! My main gripe with them is how they focus so much on the little details that they lose sight of the bigger picture. Which then makes it very hard for them to make a decision, this makes us clash because if you can’t make a decision then I will have to make it for you. I would rather not but it can be painful sometimes, Gemini’s usually don’t like this because they like control while still being perpetually confused.

Geminis get too much hate in my opinion they really aren’t as bad as everyone makes them out to be. They can be very fun to be around and hang out with but too involved with drama for my taste, just rest. Some Gems can be very loyal, some can be shady, some can be shallow, and some can be selfish. Some love to bullsh*t saying a lot of incoherent things and big words that don’t fit the context, however, I can also be a very great bullsh*ter you can’t be a writer and not be, so I see through it.

They would make great politicians as politicians love to say a bunch of words that really mean nothing!

We have a few similarities and it can be good getting the juicy details from them but when it’s too much it’s too much.

They are wildcards.

Cancer: June 22 - July 22

Learn when to let go.

I do like cancers. They can make great friends, great conversationalists, loyal and determined but I do think they have a bad habit of trying to mend something that is already beyond repair. Cancers seek comfort in people, places and relationships which is human nature. However, this need for comfort can lead them into becoming too comfortable. Whether that be a work situation or a partner that isn’t so good for them. So a lesson that a cancer would need to learn in my opinion is when to let go of some people and places that just aren’t meant for them. Cancers are very tuned into their emotions so they shouldn’t doubt themselves. In conclusion, you cannot revive a corpse, some situations are dead before they start.

Working on emotional stability will also lead to more stability in your life. Be in tune with your emotions but don’t drown in them, stop putting yourself up to be the sacrificial lamb. Cancers don’t need to be a martyr for bad people or anyone. Because at the end of the day, are you really a victim if you keep putting yourself in situations where you are victimised? Saying this with love.

One of my parents is cancer and I love them very much.


Leo: July 23-August 22.

Grow up.

Leo’s are fun, affectionate and sweet! They are easy to get along with and they are usually the most chill fire sign out of all of them. However, they give off younger sibling energy and I don’t just say this because I have a younger sibling who is a Leo. Even the grown-up ones sort of have this entitled attitude about them where they believe certain things should just be done for them.

Leo’s are loyal but they can easily be misled. Sometimes I feel like I am watching a baby walk happily towards a fire pit.

Just focus on maturity. Being mature doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your inner child but it needs to be balanced. The only type of Leo’s who I don’t like is the stereotypical attention-seeking ones who are boy/girl/love crazy - just rest.

The good thing about those types of Leo is that they are obvious, and so easy to avoid.

Virgo: August 23-September 22.

Let go of negativity.

Virgos? Vir- h*os? Vir- nos.

I couldn’t help playing with the name of this sign, it was too easy. As a fellow earth sign, I relate to them on a base level. However, I find their constant nitpicking and projecting to be exhausting. Earth signs in general can be quite self-conscious and too hard on themselves but I feel like Virgos are the ones that experience this the most and propel this desperate desire to be perfect not only onto themselves but others.

I think Virgos just get off on complaining and picking at the tiniest thing, you can count on a Virgo to tell you about their new diet plan and lecture you about how you should avoid eating that brownie that is already halfway through your mouth. It comes across as pretentious, superficial and just downright annoying. I mention something good about either myself or someone else and they somehow have the ability to find the negative in it! Water signs can drown in their emotions but Virgos can drown in their insecurities.

To top it off they can be big-time instigators, always stirring the pot in some ways, then love to use the phrase “Drama just follows me”, sweetheart you are the drama. Don’t get me wrong, there are some cool Virgos out there, the Beyonce, Keke Palmer, and Zendaya types. They can be too clingy as well! I’ve had to end some platonic friendships with some, just due to their naturally controlling and clingy nature. One even tried to drown me by clinging onto me, but we will not get into that today. They can become obsessed very quickly, and this just pushes me away. I am already very hard on myself so I think being around these types of Virgos would just be soul-destroying.

Virgos see the beauty in yourself so then you don’t resort to being nit-picky towards others; as you can be passionate about things that don’t revolve around being critical!

Libra: September 22 - October 23

Be more grounded.

Ah Libras, I like them. We are ruled by the same planet Venus, the planet of love and beauty. I like Libras because I feel they can encourage me to step out of my comfort zone while not being too forceful with it. A Libra at their best can be fair, loving, diplomatic and have a good eye for fashion. I would say that Libra being an air sign is not known to be grounded, I think this is why Libras can struggle to make decisions, they can be flighty in times when they are supposed to stay put. For Libras to conquer this, they should try and make a checklist for them to complete so they can work up to achieving big goals.

I do sometimes think that they can be overly diplomatic, they tend to give people the benefit of the doubt too much. I do appreciate that they can view certain situations from a balanced perspective, I think they get me out of my head and make me worry less and be more carefree. However, some people are just not good people and certain things don’t need to be rationalised.

The only types of Libras who I am not a fan of are Liebras, they are the stereotypical Libras who are airheaded, and shallow, some of these types’ main goal in life is to flirt with the universe and their grandma’s foot; this is not gender specific.

Scorpio: October 23- November 21.

Not everyone deserves your loyalty. Give it away wisely.

Scorpios!! Let me give you a hug real quick.

I like these people because they are the type of people who I can open up to, give my loyalty and affection to and know that it will be returned. They are passionate and if not, hardworking and dedicated to the people they care about! However, a Scorpio’s biggest gift can also be their biggest weakness and that is their loyalty, I think above Taureans, Scorpios are the most loyal sign (of course it depends). But I think because Scorpios are so into their emotions, this intensifies their natural stubbornness and their unwillingness to let go of certain people, paired with their undying loyalty, can set them up to give their loyalty away to people who don’t deserve it.

I love that Scorpios are ready to fight and defend their people but I think they can sometimes turn a blind eye to the wrongs of the people that they are connected to. Don’t get me wrong, you can still be friends and lovers with someone with flaws. I mean come on, no one is perfect, but if a person’s flaws are red flags that harm you or others, you will have to be able to think critically. I will insert a quote from my favourite book ever.

“He wanted to tell Nina that you could love something and still see its flaws” - crooked Kingdom Leigh Bardugo.

I would say that some Scorpios can be quite guarded, as much or if not more than a Taurean, which can be annoying, yet I can’t really say that, because I am the same. We have a lot of similarities and differences as we are opposite signs. For the most part, I like this sign a lot.

The only ones I don’t tend to like are obnoxious, know it all types, they are the type of Scorpios who shout at the top of their lungs that they are mysterious and can be a bit reckless.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21:

Learn how to be nice.

Sagittarius is known to be the truth-tellers of the zodiac sign, so I will be truthful with this. I think Sagittarius are a lot of fun; they usually have a great sense of humour. Some can live up to their namesake of being positive and optimistic some are the opposite of that. But I personally think they can be really mean, they need to be considerate of other people’s feelings. When I think of a Sagittarius, I think of a long unhinged rant, I feel like this sign usually lacks an ungodly amount of self-awareness which can be exhausting to deal with at times.

How will you evolve and grow if you can’t admit when you are wrong?

In my opinion, Sagittarius get angry at little things, they are very quick to be rude and if I constantly feel like I am forced into fight mode then I’ll be quick to cut you off. I also find them to be extremely competitive with other people, I think if anyone feels threatened enough to compete with someone on the low, you have already lost.

This is not the Olympics.

Lastly, they can be extremely defensive when you ask them a knowledge-related question, a lot of the time they think you are questioning their intelligence but that is simply not the case. I think Sagittarius’ should step down from the soap box and stand up to the people who they really need to, that is their time to shine.

Capricorn: December 22-January 19.

Let go of control.

I am going to be completely honest with you. I am usually very suspicious of Capricorns as they appear overly authoritative and sometimes super guarded. I relate to Capricorns because they are logical and dependable. I typically look towards them for logic. We usually agree on things like that. But they are far too controlling in my eyes. They tend to always want to take on a parent role which can be sweet but that can also have a dark side to it.

As long as Capricorns can remember that love is not control. If you are always trying to look to be a parent in a relationship, you will always end up with people who have a child’s mentality. Also, I feel like I can’t joke with them like I can with other signs, every time I joke with them their face goes like this…


And it makes me laugh even more.

I am a very passionate person and emotional and physical intimacy is important to me and I find Capricorns to be too detached. They are very family oriented, they like to take care of people. I feel as if I can rely on them to plan and organise things so the burden isn’t just on me, so I love that. But I don’t love the lack of emotional intimacy, almost like a profit over-people mentality. Capricorns can be quite jealous as lovers and otherwise; instead of being offended that someone has a trait or skill that they don’t have, they could learn something from others instead.

For me as a Taurus, it can be great or it just goes to pot. I have a habit of attracting Capricorn men. I feel as if I am too sweet/expressive for them and they don’t know how to handle it or respond to it. I am already stubborn in certain ways, suspicious and can be guarded, however, Capricorns are also like this but multiply that by five well… you can see the difficulties that this can bring. Capricorns in general just see the world in a way that is a bit too business-like for my liking, they don’t usually believe in passion or going with your heart. They can look for business associates in relationships, whether that be romantic or platonic, they sort of see people as investments.

How can this person raise my social status? How will they benefit me?

And in all honesty, I get it, but I feel like they take it too far to the point where they end up in several shallow connections because if you are looking for business partners then you will struggle to form deep emotional bonds.

Some Capricorn men remind me of Ebenezer Scrooge ( or the wise old elf from Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom); why would I want to be with the live-action of Scrooge?

But hey, even Scrooge had hope at the end! They are usually confident in ways that I am not and vice versa. I enjoy pushing their buttons because it always seems like they are trying to perform.

In conclusion, it is alright to let go of emotional control a bit, if you try and control and micro-manage people then you will just end up chasing away the people that are best suited for you. Someone challenging your ‘authority’ isn’t an insult to your character! Lastly, try and embrace or cultivate passion. Life isn’t just about ticking off the boxes that society tells everyone to tick, stop living life as if it's an arranged marriage. We only get one life, you don’t have to sacrifice your happiness due to this invisible ‘duty’ that you believe you have to uphold. That will only grow resentment.

​​Aquarius: January 20-February 18.

Learn how to be genuine.

Aquarians are far from my favourite sign, we are fundamentally too different. In my opinion, this sign is so focused on appearing to be unique and different instead of being in touch with their emotions, body and everything else. They have this “I am not like other people syndrome” which can come across as forced and overdone. They are the type of people who say they don’t like an artist, film, piece of media etc because everyone else likes it and its ‘too mainstream’ for them.

*insert eye roll*

Aquarians can be cold, selfish, inconsiderate, and detached while being clingy and possessive in romantic and platonic relationships. I like that Aquarians are into weird stuff and because they are so detached almost nothing fazes them. However, for me to want to be close with someone, I need to actually feel like I am dealing with a human, not a robot, they can definitely relate to this SZA lyric.

Let's talk about A.I., robot got more heart than mine.

Cute lyric but in reality, Aquarians relate to this too much. Also, they have a habit of observing people in a very creepy way, they will be like “I notice how you hold your cup at a 45-degree angle”. Like what… please stay away from me at that point become a detective; I don’t need someone surveying me with a super zoomed-in magnifying glass.

They can be know-it-alls etc just a lot of traits I do not like in a human; they can be loyal to everyone meaning that they aren’t loyal to anyone not even themselves. One defining characteristic that I notice about Aquarians, unevolved ones at least, is that they treat the people who actually care about them terribly and people who don’t value them like God’s gift to earth. They are the King and Queens of making sneaky remarks and comments, wouldn’t trust them if someone paid me 2 billion pounds too and I love money and what it can do.

Even the ones who are on the cusp of being a Pisces so February 19th can be very Aquarian, they can be so negative and miserable like damn, a little sunshine wouldn’t kill you!

Regardless of a zodiac sign, I wouldn’t like someone if they possessed these traits. I am sure I have met some nice ones, I have a few family members who are Aquarius and I love them. One, in particular, I love very much, I love her to death can’t say that about the rest of the Aquarian clan, but oh well.

In conclusion, if you really want to be different, be your authentic self as no one can ever be like the real you.

Pisces: February 19-March 20.

Peer pressure.

So my feeling's towards this sign are complicated. I like this sign a lot usually and there seems to be a natural chemistry between most Pisces people and me, they CAN make good friends, and I notice that they have an amazing sense of humour. They are just really fun people, in all honesty, I seem to attract this sign a lot, we just flow well together. However, I think the biggest problem with Pisces people is the fact that they are so mutable. In my experience with some of the Pisces in my earlier life is that their morals can easily be changed by the people that they are around, which is wrong. For example, if a Pisces is friends with unkind people they will then embody that energy, even if they know it's not right. As being a part of a collective takes priority over everything else for them, they are probably the most likely to join a cult.

You then have to ask yourself, are you really a nice person if your kindness is dependent on who you are around? I will not answer that question but I will say it makes you a person without a backbone and lacking moral dignity. Not all Pisces will be able to relate to this but I wouldn't rule it out as untrue, for me this makes me lose respect and trust in a person, regardless of astrological sign.

If a Pisces doesn't relate to this I would say that they do suffer from Peter Pan syndrome/ avoidant tendencies, they have a habit of delaying the reality of things a bit too much. In a way, I like this about them as they are into weird and creative things. You can talk to them about the most random topics, some can be more extroverted, others more shy.

For the most part, I really love having this sign around it just depends on what type.

Extra Info!

- Birth Chart How to calculate your birth chart. You can also do this via Snapchat and it is accurate.

Taurus Taurus Taurus!

Well, that's it!, this blog post took longer to write than I thought it would but I am happy I wrote it. I hope this offered some introspection and that no one got too butt hurt. Don't forget to subscribe for more content and I will see you in the next upload.

Written by Charis.Clarissa


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