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See you- Poem

See you

Having one eye

Isn’t easy

one half of the world in one

And black in the other

An echo

A chamber of dark matter

Cosmic waves

My eyes fail to focus on your beautiful face

How I crave to see you.

All of you

My love

That silly scrunched nose

Your laugh after you hear one of my puns

Oh god

Oh no I’m in love

And when you’re close my heart plays a melody just for you and me

Your skin smells of coconut

Then later perfumed with the scent of our love

Your touch

Your voice when I give you what you want

And when we’re done

The morning is rising

The baby hairs on your forehead

How they curl and crinkle from sweat

You're half asleep

But I have to tell you

The feeling is so strong it makes me noxious

My head swimming under all the seven seas

But you see me

That perfect equilibrium

That balance

When two wholes make a bigger whole

Not half but all

Because I may be blind

But I see you

And you

See me

~Jaheim Ozman (C consciousthoughts)

Jaheim Ozman comes from the book that I am writing Amber& Ice on the 20th - 30th of November I will be uploading some chapters on my Inkitt account (Midnightgirl03)

Art was done by @sosopart

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