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The Princess: Poem Halloween Collection

The princess

was bored of all her suitors

everyday she thought they all had the same DNA

All copy cats of each other

Their likes and dislikes the same

There was no change

The princess was a very bored one indeed

She needed to let off some steam

So she galloped on her horse to a nearby stream

The water was like glass

She whispered spells and wishes

Knitted the thorns into a heart shaped bow

Until the sky turned from blue to black

No stars shone that night

The princess slipped in and out of consciousness

Her peace disrupted by greedy hands up her skirts

She kicked and hissed

Nails out like claws ready to rip

Until a shadowed figured entered her nightmare

The man tearing at her skirts said

‘What a pretty princess I want to steal her Pearl’

The figure remained standing

Glowering at the scene

Then Suddenly in the bitter night a blade slashed through the fight

The princess almost screamed in fright

The head of the Pearl thief slowly slide down from his neck

His severed head falling onto the autumn ground

Laying still like a broken pumpkin

The figure stepped forward

The princess blood ran cold

Because oh my oh my

He was as beautiful as gold

She pressed out her skirt with her shaking palm

She wasn’t one to take anything from a man

But in his eyes she felt at home

The man let out his hand

His armour glimmering in the invisible light

“To safety and onwards I promise thee”

For once the princess was not bored

She got on his horse and

Rode away…

By Conscious thoughts.


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