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Zombies: Halloween Poetry

The world was in chaos

The day was a mess

There were a thousand Zombies chewing human bones

And eating human flesh

They dined on their relatives

Uncles and aunties

Mother’s and brothers

Sisters and misters

All fuelled by greed

And the need to become more human.

To swallow the passion that once filled the livings hearts

To regenerate

To find something that can only be found

from within.

I wrote this while trying to cross the road. Thank whatever God or universe you pray to that I haven't got squished by a car yet. This poem plays on how I feel like so many people are passionless or have no goals in their lives. No sense no sense of direction. In my post 'Things that we need to normalise' I speak about how it's totally normal to not know your whole entire life journey BUT and it's a big but it doesn't mean you squander the limited amount of time you have on this earth.

To want nothing, to do nothing.

To be nothing.

Seriously now,

Don't be a zombie.

By C Conscious thoughts


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