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To wonder then ponder - By Charis. Clarissa

To Ponder Then


I guess I just wanted to matter to you

I don’t want to disappear like a ghost

Going from coast to coast

With no home

No one to call me home

Empty chest

I have no heart

I sold it to a surgeon hoping he could bring back life to someone who wanted it

Because I don’t want it

A simple person asks: you don’t want what?

I don’t want life little miss privileged pie

I want to soar through the sky

And watch people walk by

And pick apart their lives

That ones rich

That ones poor

That ones going to die by the morn

Because at the end of the day

Life feels long when there’s no answers coming your way

But nothing really matters when your up here with me far from the roar and the bustle of the crowds

You can simply spread your wings

Flying away

Far high into the sapphire blue sky

Fall into the silky cotton clouds

While making faces like a clown

But when the fun stops

You’ll pause mid dip


Then wonder

What would’ve been if you stayed with the living?

Another poem by me.

This one didn't win in a competition so I am posting it here!

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