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Sound of the Clock: Poem

Tik tok

Sounds of a clock

What’s for breakfast?

A Kick and a punch

Served with the same toast

With dry old milk

Rotten outdated beyond moral help

The dishes drown in melted grease

Your heart squeezes in disbelief

Tik Tok

Sounds of a clock

What’s for Lunch?

Insults drizzled in jealousy and hate

Mocking words and hateful voices

Potato chips transform into knives

Parents that imitate bullish bullies

Tik Tok

Sound of the clock

What’s for supper?

An empty plate

More bruises blood spilt on the dining table

Fake laughter for Fake guests

Wine glasses filled with tears

The bedroom window opens

Cold frost air more inviting

Than a house that's supposedly warm

Concrete floor,

A sudden fall

Crack boom

And then soon

You’re dead.

The meaning behind this poem is hyperbolic. It explores the emptiness that some children, adults or teenagers feel in abusive or careless family ties and relationships. Do not ever take poetry too literally. Then again when reading my work you will have to learn how to interpret and think for yourself. This isn't science. This isn't yes or no.

It's the abstract magic of words.

Written by C: Consciousthoughts

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Disclaimer: With this poem I took on a character, not all my poems are a reflection of myself. This character in my poem is rather obsessive, I love writing poems that are like short stories. Anyways,

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